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Different Types of Packaging for Your Different Business Needs

Packaging is important to the success of any product. Product Packaging is further divided into many categories. In this blog, we will discuss different types of packing materials that can accommodate your business needs.


Blister Packaging

This type of packaging is commonly used in pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.  It can protect the product from dust, damage, etc.


It offers transparent view of the products.  This is the main reason behind its popularity. Clamshell packaging is divided into three major categories: stock clamshells, semi-custom clamshells and custom clamshells.

Hand Assembly

It is used to pack confectionery goods, mail orders, gifts, product packing, etc.  Our experts have wide experience in providing hand assembly services.

Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is mainly used for packing eatables especially meat. It can protect the food items from dirt, micro-organisms, toxic substances, etc.

Poly Bagging

We offer poly bagging services to industrial, commercial and retail clients.  We use high quality polyethylene plastic bag in the process.

Repackaging / Rework

At Kwikpac, we take pride in providing the highest quality repackaging services.  We take additional measures to protect the product from damage.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is ideal for packing cartons, boxes, beverage cans, etc.  It is an affordable way of packing products.

Skin Packaging

In this type of packaging,fine plastic is used to pack the product.  This process is ideal for products such as automotive parts, circular saw blades, screw drivers, tools, etc.

If you want to know more, contact the experts at Kwikpac.  We will help you with flexible and economical packaging services.

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Why Should You Choose Kwikpac for Packaging Services?

Kwikpac is trusted by large multinational corporations and mid-size businesses. We are one of the leading names in the industry. We strive to become an extension of your purchasing and logistics departments. In simple words, we offer excellent services within your budget. Here are some more reasons to choose us:

Unique Business Model

Kwikpac has a unique business model. We don’t have multiple levels of management. Our approach is different. We invest in machines and people. We have a team of full-time professionals who work tirelessly to help our clients. This results in consistency and reliability as well.

Wide Variety of Services

Kwikpac offers many packaging services. Some popular ones are Blister Packaging, Clamshell, Contract Packaging, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing, etc. We also offer custom pop displays, assembly, inspections and more. Whatever your needs are, we will fulfill it.

Affordable Pricing

Kwikpac offers packaging solutions at affordable prices. Moreover, our services are optimized to reduce expenses in your supply chain. We also modify services to suit the needs of clients. So, you should not worry about any type of budget constraints.

Strong Customer-focus

At Kwikpac, we listen to customers’ needs. Afterwards, we offer solutions that fulfill their packaging needs.Our solutions are backed by a capable research & development team. So, we are able to offer efficient packaging solutions at affordable prices.

Kwikpac is an established co-packaging company located in Mississauga, Ontario.We help startups, medium-sized businesses and MNCs. If you need reliable packaging services, talk to one of our representatives.

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Contract Packaging – Best Way to get Hassle Free Packaging Service

In order to deliver products safely and perfectly, the producing company packs the goods securely and make sure that the product remains safe till it gets unpacked. The producing companies produce number of different types of products and accordingly pack them. But, some companies only produce the products and get it packed by contract packagers. The contract packagers have great experience and knowledge about different types of packaging as a result; the contract packagers complete the packaging of the products according to the nature of the product. The packaging done by contact packagers and professionals is safe and assured.

The contract packaging company focuses on the type of product and accordingly packs the product. As there are numbers of packaging offered by contract packagers, the professionals assure for right packaging service. The types of packaging offered by contract packagers are Blister Packaging, Clamshell, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing, Poly Bagging, P.O.P. Display, Relabeling, Repackaging / Rework, Shrink Wrapping, Skin Packaging and Sorting.

The highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals of the company packages different types of goods and assure customers for its safety. The professionals take numbers of contract of packaging and according to the deadline of the project, deliver the bulk order. The expert professionals of the company meet client’s need in best possible way and bring them satisfied result too.

The quality of the packaging is quite good that helps the professionals to finally introduce the product in market to sell them. To get effective packaging service, one can consult to experienced and reputed contract packaging companies who not only provide service but even assure to provide quality service. One can get the best packaging right with the help of Contract Packaging service providers, so go and get your desirable service.

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