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Affordable Repackaging / Rework Services for Your Business

Many companies choose reliable reworking and/or repackaging services. In this process, the existing packaging is replaced with a brand new packaging. Some of the reasons why companies choose repackaging are as follows:

  • Changes in the marketing plan.
  • Changing the nature or specifications of a product.
  • Addition of a new part.
  • New product codes.
  • Damaged Packaging.
  • Returns.
  • And much more.

This process has numerous steps and procedures. Hence, it is a very complicated process. However, there’s no need to worry. Kwikpac professionals are efficient enough in packing and repacking task as they have vast experience in the profession.

Our employees take all safety measures as well. We understand the value of goods.  That’s why; we always use quality packing materials.  This will make the products safe and attractive.

We promise that your request will be handled in a professional manner. Hence, you will be able to concentrate on your core business.

Our experts offer one of the best repackaging services – all in an affordable manner.Our professionals can handle repackaging projects at any time. It is an established co-packaging company in Mississauga, Ontario. That’s why;we are trusted by large multinational corporations and small businesses.We aim to provide customers with the best packaging services.  We also offer blister packaging, poly bagging, heat sealing, shrink wrapping, etc.

Kwikpac offers repackaging solutions at affordable prices. In addition, our services can be modified to suit the needs of clients. So, you should not worry about any type of budget problems. Request your quote now!

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How can Product Relabeling Help Your Business?

Product Relabeling is becoming more and more popular in the marketplace. There are many reasons to re-label a product. It is helpful when either running a promotional campaign or changing the appearance of the packaging.

In simple words, this process is mainly used to increase awareness about the brand. This process can be used to change labels of apparels, cosmetic, home appliances, stationery, furnishing or footwear.

It can change language and price of the products as well. If you plan to export to other countries, relabeling could really help you.

At Kwikpac, we can easily replace the old labels with new ones. These new labels will be glued to the products to display the new information. In this way, we help the corporate branding for your business effectively. Our trained professionals will complete the relabeling process in a timely manner.Most importantly, we follow a strict Quality Assurance policy. This ensures that there is no room for errors in the process.

Whatever the product, our experts can help you. Our skilled team members can offer efficient relabeling solutions at affordable prices.

Kwikpac offers Product Relabeling service to all commercial industries at competitive rates. We aim to provide customers with the most affordable services.  And our quality management team will help you get the labels you need, on time and within your budget.Request your quote now!

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5 Essentials of Effective Product Packaging Design


Only good and effective packaging can make your packaging successful. That’s why every company should give importance to product packaging. An impressive packaging is convenient, eye-catching, cost-effective and communicative. Here are some essentials of effective product packaging:


An effective product packaging design should make the buyer’s decision-making process as simple as possible. It is important to have a packaging design that is easily identifiable.

Dare To Be Different

It’s okay to break the mold!Your product packaging should look simple yet appealing. The design should represent the product in the best way possible. In simple words, your product should stand out from the crowd.

Use High Quality Materials for Packaging

First impressions always count.  Hence, you should use high quality materials. This will build trust and credibility with your customers.  And don’t worry about budget problems. There are many cost-effective ways of product packaging in the marketplace.

User Convenience is Also Important

You will be amazed how hard it is to find a product with good packaging. Most businesses underestimate user convenience. Let take an example. If a buyer finds it inconvenient to open the product, it is likely that he will not buy it in the future. An uncomplicated design is the best way to impress buyers.

Don’t Mislead Buyers

Many product designs actually mislead buyers.Many businesses falsely depict the product better than it actually is. This will ultimately disappoint buyers and they will not buy it the next time around. So, it’s better to stay honest.

So, these are some essentials of effective product packaging. For more information, contact us. Our representatives will help you in the best way possible.

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Different Types of Packaging for Your Different Business Needs

Packaging is important to the success of any product. Product Packaging is further divided into many categories. In this blog, we will discuss different types of packing materials that can accommodate your business needs.


Blister Packaging

This type of packaging is commonly used in pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.  It can protect the product from dust, damage, etc.


It offers transparent view of the products.  This is the main reason behind its popularity. Clamshell packaging is divided into three major categories: stock clamshells, semi-custom clamshells and custom clamshells.

Hand Assembly

It is used to pack confectionery goods, mail orders, gifts, product packing, etc.  Our experts have wide experience in providing hand assembly services.

Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is mainly used for packing eatables especially meat. It can protect the food items from dirt, micro-organisms, toxic substances, etc.

Poly Bagging

We offer poly bagging services to industrial, commercial and retail clients.  We use high quality polyethylene plastic bag in the process.

Repackaging / Rework

At Kwikpac, we take pride in providing the highest quality repackaging services.  We take additional measures to protect the product from damage.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is ideal for packing cartons, boxes, beverage cans, etc.  It is an affordable way of packing products.

Skin Packaging

In this type of packaging,fine plastic is used to pack the product.  This process is ideal for products such as automotive parts, circular saw blades, screw drivers, tools, etc.

If you want to know more, contact the experts at Kwikpac.  We will help you with flexible and economical packaging services.

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Why Product Packaging is Important?

Product packaging is very important. It can make or break your business. It can influence your sales.Poor packaging can leave a bad impression on customers.In this blog, we will discuss the importance of product packaging. Have a look:


This is the first benefit of product packaging. The size, shape and color of the packaging are important. It can make your product different from other brands. Let’s take an example. Kodak rolls can be easily recognized due to its yellow & black color packaging.

Improve the Appeal of Products

Customers are attracted towards beautiful packaging. Businesses are very picky about color schemes, designs and types of product packaging.If the packaging is poor, customers are unlikely to buy your products. Good design will even convey your brand’s strategy. Let’s take another example. Apple is known for its simple and minimalistic packaging. And its products are easy to use as well.


Appropriate packaging can protect the product from damage as well. You don’t want products to get damaged in transit. This is especially true for delicate objects.So, you must be cautious while looking for packaging solutions.

Information about Products

Packaging is used for information transmission as well. In fact, labeling is one of the most important parts of the packaging process. Labels must draw attention to the product’s best features.

Kwikpac offers reliable packaging services at affordable prices. It is an established co-packaging company located in Mississauga, Ontario. We strive to provide the best product packaging and co-packaging services to clients.

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Why Should You Choose Kwikpac for Packaging Services?

Kwikpac is trusted by large multinational corporations and mid-size businesses. We are one of the leading names in the industry. We strive to become an extension of your purchasing and logistics departments. In simple words, we offer excellent services within your budget. Here are some more reasons to choose us:

Unique Business Model

Kwikpac has a unique business model. We don’t have multiple levels of management. Our approach is different. We invest in machines and people. We have a team of full-time professionals who work tirelessly to help our clients. This results in consistency and reliability as well.

Wide Variety of Services

Kwikpac offers many packaging services. Some popular ones are Blister Packaging, Clamshell, Contract Packaging, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing, etc. We also offer custom pop displays, assembly, inspections and more. Whatever your needs are, we will fulfill it.

Affordable Pricing

Kwikpac offers packaging solutions at affordable prices. Moreover, our services are optimized to reduce expenses in your supply chain. We also modify services to suit the needs of clients. So, you should not worry about any type of budget constraints.

Strong Customer-focus

At Kwikpac, we listen to customers’ needs. Afterwards, we offer solutions that fulfill their packaging needs.Our solutions are backed by a capable research & development team. So, we are able to offer efficient packaging solutions at affordable prices.

Kwikpac is an established co-packaging company located in Mississauga, Ontario.We help startups, medium-sized businesses and MNCs. If you need reliable packaging services, talk to one of our representatives.

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Contract Packaging – Best Way to get Hassle Free Packaging Service

In order to deliver products safely and perfectly, the producing company packs the goods securely and make sure that the product remains safe till it gets unpacked. The producing companies produce number of different types of products and accordingly pack them. But, some companies only produce the products and get it packed by contract packagers. The contract packagers have great experience and knowledge about different types of packaging as a result; the contract packagers complete the packaging of the products according to the nature of the product. The packaging done by contact packagers and professionals is safe and assured.

The contract packaging company focuses on the type of product and accordingly packs the product. As there are numbers of packaging offered by contract packagers, the professionals assure for right packaging service. The types of packaging offered by contract packagers are Blister Packaging, Clamshell, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing, Poly Bagging, P.O.P. Display, Relabeling, Repackaging / Rework, Shrink Wrapping, Skin Packaging and Sorting.

The highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals of the company packages different types of goods and assure customers for its safety. The professionals take numbers of contract of packaging and according to the deadline of the project, deliver the bulk order. The expert professionals of the company meet client’s need in best possible way and bring them satisfied result too.

The quality of the packaging is quite good that helps the professionals to finally introduce the product in market to sell them. To get effective packaging service, one can consult to experienced and reputed contract packaging companies who not only provide service but even assure to provide quality service. One can get the best packaging right with the help of Contract Packaging service providers, so go and get your desirable service.

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Why we need innovative ideas of packaging time to time

For a successful packaging business the entrepreneur entails innovation and technology. In this high competitive era, marketing and innovation are the two basic elements for the profession to drive the sales and grow business effectively. This concept is applicable for each industry. These days, packaging industry is growing very rapidly due to the high competition and to have a strong existence in market innovative packaging is must. As a result, innovative ideas of packaging time to timehave become a need forbusinessmen. It not only boosts their business but it eventually keeps the brand out of the box.

A unique packaging catch hold the attention and attract a large number of customers. The innovative packaging consists of various elements such as material, color, shape, design, size and many more. The designing team consults each of these elements of packaging to bring an impressive packaging for their product. Though bringing a unique and impressive packaging is a big challenge for professionals but still the potential professionals have good caliber to design an appropriate packaging pattern or style.

To be ahead in this profession, the companies need to do research and generate new ideas to have certain status in the industry. Wonderful packaging boosts the organization in various ways such as follows:

Benefits of innovative packaging

  • Increases sales potential
  • Creates magnetic impact
  • Elevate your brand
  • Capture customer’s attention
  • Keep strong existence in industry
  • Keep product secure and satisfy customers
  • Builds brand identity and reputation

Implementing all new ideas and concepts will surely bring above mentioned benefits to the brand. Companies must keep their focus on time to time changing packaging patterns to satisfy customers and remain as strong as possible in this competitive era.

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Innovative And Modish Packaging Accelerate Business

All of us are aware of the fact that branding and marketing our service and product is quite tough in the competitive market. In the highly competitive market branding and marketing is a crucial part of business. Therefore, design and packaging of a product is one of the best ways to have an effective marketing and become a well-known brand in the business industry. A standout packaging helps the organization to meet the target audience and fulfill their needs.

Packaging is a blend of art, technology and responsibility that offers a wide range of benefits from choice and convenience to ensure product arrives safely. Unique packaging and design helps the company to attract maximum number of users or target people and have it long lasting. An innovative and attracting packaging not only attracts the target customers but it even generates company’s reputation and become a strong identity in market.

The industry deals with several types of packaging including: Blister Packaging, Clamshell, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing, Repackaging / Rework, Shrink Wrapping, Skin Packaging, Sorting, Cabinet Packaging, Poly Bagging, P.O.P. Display, Product Relabeling, Setup Packaging, Zip Format Packaging etc.

Companies as per their requirement and choice can select any of these packaging for future endeavors. The professionals of the packaging industry have various materials, machineries and concepts to offer an attractive and safe packaging. The expertise follows the pre-defined process to bring accurate packaging in bulk. Along with proper procedure the workers even focus on different safety measures to get the desired production without any loss or waste.

Benefits of innovative and modish packaging:

  • Protect products
  • Attract consumers
  • Convey information
  • Enhance branding and business
  • Ability to implement special offers

To accelerate the business, packaging is known as one of the best methods to gain attention and generate more revenue. One must find out the best packaging to have a powerful impact on business which takes the company to next level.

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Some super creative product packaging ideas 2013

In present time, competition and progress both these concepts are revolving on the head of every businessman. As a result each and every industry gets compel to run their business according to the changing scenario and demand of consumers. Among various industries, packaging industry is also running in the same race of competition. Thus, to attract and retain all customer’s attention on their brand each packaging brand is focusing on the current trend and brought number of stylish product packaging ideas. The new concepts of packaging not only attracts the customers but they also ensure customers that their products are safe and hygienic (if eatables) under packaging.

Here are some of the products along with their attractive and creative packaging style:

Fruit Juice Packaging :fruit packaging
Here, in this picture you can observe that the strawberry juice is packed in a red color packet which carries the same look as the original strawberries. It not only attracts consumers but represents the flavor of the juice as well.

Shoe package design : Shoe package design
Now look at the fantastic shoe package design in which the design of the shoe is imprint on the packet and the string which is representing the shoelaces, helps to hold the packet. It is really a creative idea.

Bzzz Honey :Bzzz Honey
Just look at this pretty Honey bottles that is quite alluring and protective as well. The idea is not only creative but irresistible also.

Carry bag :Carry bag
This vegetable carry bag has a transparent area representing the shape of the liver which shows the vegetables in this carry bag are protective and healthy for people. It is also a unique idea of marketing people.

Tea bags :
The marketers brought uniquely Tea bags designed tea bags for tea lovers. The tea bags are in a hanger shape and holding a t-shirt on it. The tea bag which is looking like a t-shirt keeps the tea fresh and secure. A hanger on a cup or mug will look funny but it is really an appreciable idea.

Well these are few of the examples that represents the changing trend of packaging and marketing which is not only alluring but protective as well. All these ideas are superb to beat the tough completion and earn good name and fame in the advertising and marketing world.

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