Some super creative product packaging ideas 2013

In present time, competition and progress both these concepts are revolving on the head of every businessman. As a result each and every industry gets compel to run their business according to the changing scenario and demand of consumers. Among various industries, packaging industry is also running in the same race of competition. Thus, to attract and retain all customer’s attention on their brand each packaging brand is focusing on the current trend and brought number of stylish product packaging ideas. The new concepts of packaging not only attracts the customers but they also ensure customers that their products are safe and hygienic (if eatables) under packaging.

Here are some of the products along with their attractive and creative packaging style:

Fruit Juice Packaging :fruit packaging
Here, in this picture you can observe that the strawberry juice is packed in a red color packet which carries the same look as the original strawberries. It not only attracts consumers but represents the flavor of the juice as well.

Shoe package design : Shoe package design
Now look at the fantastic shoe package design in which the design of the shoe is imprint on the packet and the string which is representing the shoelaces, helps to hold the packet. It is really a creative idea.

Bzzz Honey :Bzzz Honey
Just look at this pretty Honey bottles that is quite alluring and protective as well. The idea is not only creative but irresistible also.

Carry bag :Carry bag
This vegetable carry bag has a transparent area representing the shape of the liver which shows the vegetables in this carry bag are protective and healthy for people. It is also a unique idea of marketing people.

Tea bags :
The marketers brought uniquely Tea bags designed tea bags for tea lovers. The tea bags are in a hanger shape and holding a t-shirt on it. The tea bag which is looking like a t-shirt keeps the tea fresh and secure. A hanger on a cup or mug will look funny but it is really an appreciable idea.

Well these are few of the examples that represents the changing trend of packaging and marketing which is not only alluring but protective as well. All these ideas are superb to beat the tough completion and earn good name and fame in the advertising and marketing world.

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