Recyclable & Eco-friendly Packaging Inspire Companies

Choose packaging designs that contribute to cut waste, save resources, reduce toxicity & most important save money.

Since past few years, everyone is talking about terms like “Eco-friendly” and “Go green”. The term signifies not harming our natural environment and contributing to green living or practicing techniques which can help to conserve environment.
The product packaging trend is now changing as more and more companies are coming up with Eco-friendly packaging designs that inspire green and healthy living.

The important question arises here is, if companies will not understand the concept of using the new & safer technique, then how they will encourage consumers to use Eco-friendly packaging products?

According to a recent report, this year we see a growth in the use of biodegradable plastics and the use of sustainable ingredients such as bamboo for packaging products.Reports also say, in most of the developed countries packaging is responsible for up to one-third of the nonindustrial waste.It is important to for co-packaging companies to commit and provide quality, safety packing that involves the use of recycled items. In this way, there will be a less wastage, improve product quality and increase of resources.

The companies are moving towards sustainable packaging which have undeniably environmentally cooperative designs that are – Simple, Creative & Effective.

What makes packaging Eco-friendly?

Successful packaging designs always  attract attention of customer towards the brand. Just as clothes that we wear express our personality, in same way product covering does for the product.

Innovative design always leaves an impression on the consumers at first glance especially for the Eco-conscious consumers. The main focus is use of less natural resources and therefore less impact on the environment.

•  Go for biodegradable materials like clam shells or unbleached paper.
•  Use sustainable materials like bamboo, corn or cotton.
•  Use of reusable material like glass bottles, corrugate paper and glass
•  For bags and boxes use biodegradable material

In order to save our environment many companies have taken a big step which helps them to keep the true spirit of their brand and deliver Company message in a fascinating manner.

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